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So I’ve been thinking…

would it really have been THAT bad for Elena to just donate a few bags of blood to Klaus every month? I mean, I’m sure some kind of arrangement could have been made, instead they acted like him wanting a supply of her blood was like murder.

Don’t understand!
Them being stingy with her blood led to all this crap happening…I mean people donate blood all the time, it’s not a big fucking deal.

The blood bags they eat are being donated by the poor people of Mystic Falls who think their blood is going to go to a good cause at the hospital, instead it’s just being eaten by vampires. The scooby gang’s logic is just nowhere to be found.

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    \\\She would have been saving werewolves from uncontrollably turning every full moon and possibly attacking and killing...
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    Agree! ;P He wasn’t going to kill her. Couldn’t they all just work together? xD
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    such a bitch
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  20. i-move-the-stars-for-no-one said: Plus she would have had protection for life! If the scooby gang would just suck it up every once in a while, their lives (and the peoples around them) would be a lot happier..haha
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